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In March 2022, founder of Panther M*lk, and all-round good guy Paul Crawford faced the nations favourite Dragons on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den. He pitched Panther M*lk, the World’s First Alcoholic Oat M*lk drink, to the formidable panel, looking for £50K for a 7.5% stake in the company.

But how did he fare? See if Paul was shaking paws, or drawing claws, with the Dragons in our highlights reel below:

“I think we are going to do something really good with this.”

Success! Paul agreed to sell a 25% stake in the company for £50K to legendary and vegan Dragon, Deborah Meaden. As you can see, it was a tough decision, but taking Steven Bartlett’s clear advice, Paul went for it.

One thing was certain the Dragons liked the brand and saw the potential for our innovative and vegan friendly product.

“I really love the brand name, and I actually think it tastes nice”

- Steven Bartlett

“I think it’s a great brand by the way, Panther M*lk. I think you’ve really thought about that and that really resonates!”

- Peter Jones

“I think you are spot on, the name’s great. I think this is very exciting.”

- Deborah Meaden

After the show Paul and Deborah decided not to go through with the deal, as is common, but are still in contact and the lovely Deborah has been giving Paul advice on the best way to move Panther M*lk forward.

Paul raised his own seed investment after the show for a significantly smaller stake in the company and will be looking for further investment this year. If you are interested in becoming an investor, please drop us a line and we can update you when the time comes.

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