1. General Queries

WTF is Panther M*lk and what is it made from?

Panther M*lk is made from a secret blend of premium spirits including over proof rum, white rum, gin, brandy, Minor Figures Oat M*lk and condensed oat m*lk. We then add flavoured liqueurs to make up the flavours.

Does Panther M*lk contain gluten, lactose or dairy?

All our products are dairy-free, naturally lactose-free, and free from all animal protein. Our products are not gluten-free but they contain very small amounts of gluten and are categorised as being low in gluten. We use Minor Figures Oat M*lk that has strict requirements to monitor and minimise contamination, which means they are able to ensure that all of their Oat M*lk based products contain less than 100ppm gluten from rye, wheat and barley.

Does Panther M*lk need to be kept in the fridge?

No, Panther M*lk can be stored unopened for up to a year but once opened we suggest keeping in the fridge and drinking within 6 months for optimum taste. We also recommend shaking the bottle vigorously as with all natural products there will be some settlement at the bottom of the bottle. Shake to wake the Panther!

How long does Panther M*lk liqueur last once opened?

6 months in your fridge but we think you will probably drink it quicker than that.

Where have the old flavours gone?

Panther M*lk is available in 5 flavours Vanilla, Coffee, Banana, Strawberry and Mint. We have had some others in the past but these ones are keepers.

How can I become a Panther M*lk stockist?

You can - drop us a line at info@panthermilk.com for more details.

Are you planning to expand and deliver in EU?

This is definitely something we will look at in the future as the company grows

Are you Hiring?

Keep an eye on our social media for any upcoming opportunities.

2. Drinking Queries

How do I drink Panther M*lk?

Panther M*lk is extremely versatile but we suggest drinking it straight, over ice, or shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass to make it super creamy. Check out our socials for other ideas of how to use Panther M*lk.

Whats does Panther M*lk taste like?

Panther M*lk is a luscious and delectable cocktail which is smooth and creamy. There is a flavour for everyone!

How much alcohol is in Panther M*lk?

15% ABV - it has a ferocious after bite like a panther.

Can you drink out of date Panther M*lk?

Yes you can, the 6 month when opened shelf life is just an estimate and we would use your nose as a guide. If it is off then you would be able to smell it.

What's the ideal cocktail to make with Panther M*lk?

Panther M*lk is already a premium cocktail which is ready-to-drink. Just shake with ice and serve and choose your ideal garnish we suggest trying cinnamon or grated dark chocolate.

3. Fun facts

Why are you named Panther M*lk?

Panther M*lk is named after a legendary Spanish cocktail called 'leche de pantera' which translates as Panther Milk. We added the asterix to show people that we are dairy free.

When did Panther M*lk first start?

We launched as a brand in 2020 but the Panther Milk Bar pop-up started in 2015. You can read more about our history in 'Story'

What's the biggest success story of Panther M*lk until now?

This is too hard to answer, we think our biggest success is yet to come!

What was the funniest moment on Dragons' Den Episode?

When Paul started pitching in the studio to flashing lights and music the Dragons loved it!