the white panther

Panther M*lk is the ideal drink for those of you who have given up dairy and but still like White Russians and creamy drinks.  So we have created 'The White Panther' a twist on the classic cocktail loved by Dudes everywhere.

  • Ingredients

    • 75ml Panther M*lk Vanilla
    • 25ml Coffee Liqueur
    • Splash of premium oat milk
  • Garnish

    • Chocolate powder
    • Coffee beans to garnish
  • Method

    • Put your coffee liqueur in the bottom of your favourite rocks glass
    • Add ice to glass (doing it this way makes it look cool)
    • Shake 75ml Panther M*lk Vanilla with ice
    • Strain into glass on top of the coffee liqueur
    • Top with a splash of oat milk depending on desired strength
    • Sprinkle your chosen garnish on top 
    • ENJOY!
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